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Glasses no longer carry a stigma and have become the avant-garde fashion accessory. In this day and age, people no longer have just one pair of glasses – this goes for both prescription and non-prescription glasses. The reduction in price and ability by glasses makers to make prescription glasses quickly, means that it is possible to own a few or even a wide range of glasses. As the LA Times puts it “glasses have gone from nerd necessity to chic accessory”.

This means changing glasses by season, to match a specific outfit, an activity, a mood or to even change the way you look. Because wearing glasses changes your image, it is now becoming popular to wear glasses, even if you don’t have bad eye-sight! Celebrities are wearing glasses with no prescriptions and so are super models in advertisements – see Prada’s models, many of whom wear glasses in their print ads and even on the runway. 

The reduction in price in fashion glasses also means that it is now possible to purchase glasses that are highly fashionable, but may not be in fashion next season. This means that it is conceivable to purchase a range of different styles without breaking the bank. Go for the cool and sporty look with Ray-Ban or Oakley glasses. The celebrity, cutting-edge fashion look with glasses from Versace or Gucci. Or try for the modern, intelligent look with glasses from ic! berlin or Michael Kors. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of glasses to choose from.  

Wearing glasses is also becoming popular as a way to change your image. Research has shown that those interviewing for jobs do better when wearing glasses. Young women in male-dominated jobs, such as in banking or accounting, may opt to wear glasses to look older or more ‘intelligent’. Some women feel that they are taken more seriously, when wearing glasses. If you don’t regularly wear glasses, see how your image changes when you do wear glasses. 

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Men should also embrace this new trend. Male celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and George Clooney regularly wear glasses, not just sunglasses, and have made eyewear trendy. Most quality eyewear designers have glasses for both men and women, it is just a matter of finding what suits you.