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It’s a fact that a great pair of glasses can make you look and feel fabulous. In pursuit of raising the glamour stakes, the leading fashion designers are increasingly creating eyewear that combines the finest luxury materials, new manufacturing techniques and styles to create frames that are essentially works of art.

Characterized by indulgence in their attention to detailing and the use of precious metals, they create eyewear collections that are deliciously decadent.

Brands like Bvlgari are the pinnacle of modern luxury and their eyewear is inspired by their jewellery and iconic watches collections. This is showcased in models such as the Bvlgari BV8123G polarized sunglasses which are an elegant oval shape with a timeless chic style with temples embellished with gold detailing.

Other luxury eyewear brands such as Dolce & Gabbana have collections such as Mosaico which have stunning cat-eyed variants in high quality acetate with temples decorated with a hand made floral mosaic in Murano glass.


One of the best know luxury brands, Gucci have created a variation of the classic aviator style in their GG2235 ‘Bamboo’ model which incorporates natural bamboo detail with a gold plated frame and 24K gold mirror lens.

Luxury eyewear sells at a premium but some of that can be justified in that luxury brands differ from cheaper high street brands not just in the materials used but both in the quality of the construction of the frames and the protection offered by the lenses.

So is it worthwhile adding a pair of ‘decadent’ frames to your wardrobe? The answer to that is largely personal but some fashionistas would suggest it is worth taking a risk to have at least one luxury piece in your collection.

Whilst expensive designer eyewear may still be considered by some to be a frivolity, there is the element of a quality pair of luxury glasses or sunglasses being an accessible status symbol which can be a definite style investment for years to come.