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Throughout its 180 year history, Tiffany’s has continued to expand its product line-up beyond its iconic jewellery, sterling silver, crystal and china. In 2008, the company added eyewear to its product line-up. Not surprising, Tiffany’s eyewear is just another embodiment of the company’s iconic style and glamour. If you are looking for stylish and elegant eyewear, browse the Tiffany’s eyewear available on the website.

For many of the eyewear models, Tiffany’s has used high-quality Austrian crystal accents to embellish the temples. This adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication to the glasses. Other eyewear models include the use of mother-of-pearl cabochon pieces on the temple. The combination of mother-of-pearl and crystal is a level of sophistication and craftsmanship other eyewear makers do not offer. Many of Tiffany’s eyewear models also includes the subtle use of the iconic Tiffany blue on the frames or earpieces. 
There are many shapes and styles to choose from, to perfectly fit the look you are looking for. The Tiffany’s version of the iconic Aviator sunglasses are not just elegant, but playful. Some models have a golden key on the temple, with a heart as the bow of the key. Tiffany’s also carries the now popular over-sized sunglasses as well, which are a modern take on the over-sized sunglasses Audrey Hepburn wore in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie. Probably one of the most elegant sunglasses Tiffany’s carries are their cat eye glasses. Some of the cat eye sunglasses have crafted silver scroll-type embellishments on the temples. The ornate and delicate design adds to the elegance of the sunglasses. Other cat eye sunglasses are embellished with the now iconic Tiffany’s key ring heart on the temple. Tiffany’s introduced the now famous “Please Return to Tiffany & Co.” silver key ring with a heart-shaped tag back in 1969. 
Tiffany’s eyewear is not just elegant and sophisticated-looking, but also functional. Many models use high-quality acetate, which is highly durable, flexible and lightweight. It provides a comfortable wear, especially for those wearing their glasses for long periods of time. Other models use a combination of metal and acetate. Of course all Tiffany’s sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and have anti-glare coating on the lenses. 
Immerse yourself in a new world of elegant eyewear by browsing the Tiffany’s eyewear collection we have on offer.