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European sunglasses and eyewear designers have created leading international brands that rank among the top in the world. We stock a wide range of designer sunglasses by European designers and one surely to both fit your fashion needs, as well as budget. Here are some of the top European designers you should consider when buying your next pair of sunglasses:

Ted Baker

Now with Brexit in full force, why not support a British designer when buying your next pair of sunglasses? Ted Baker is the quintessential British designer, having started with a first shop in Covent Garden in 1990. Since then, the company has grown exponentially and is now listed on the London Stock Exchange. Although primarily known for luxury men’s and women’s clothing, Ted Baker has developed an elegant and timeless range of eyewear. Their eyewear has become especially popular as the ‘retro’ look is back again. There are a wide range of sunglasses to choose from, both for women and men. The square frame retro look of the Devlin and Vanna models have been especially popular this season. For a sportier look, take a look at the Marin and Decker models, which feature coloured lenses. Ted Baker also has thin metal framed sunglasses, such as Tyson and Access models, for those who do not like the chunkier frames that are currently popular.


Italy’s Bvlgari is known for its bold and beautifully designed jewellery. This flair for design has been translated into a range of elegant and fashionable sunglasses. The women’s line of sunglasses are known to be very feminine and have been worn by actresses such as Naomi Watts, Ashley Greene and Amy Adams. They are usually statement glasses and not for the meek.  Bvlgari’s men’s sunglasses in contrast tend to be more minimalist in nature and be more traditional in style, some with thin metal frames or even frameless. However, Bvlgari also carries classic unisex Wayfarer-style sunglasses as well.


French designer Philippe Starck in fact started out his designer career under the tutelage of Pierre Cardin. He is known for his industrial and architectural designs and this is translated into his eyeglass designs as well, which tend to have clean and classical lines. With his background in industrial design, Starck also likes to experiment with new materials, which he incorporates into his eyeglasses, making them both comfortable to wear and durable. We carry a wide range of Starck eyeglasses, find one that best suits your taste and needs.  

TAG Heuer

Ever wondered what Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer’s ‘TAG’ stands for? Well, it stands for ‘Techniques d’Avant Garde’ which loosely translated means experimental or unusual techniques. Heuer actually started as a watch-maker in the 1860s and joined forces with TAG, a company that made turbo-chargers for racing engines. This background translates into eyewear with sleek ergonomic design, as well as the ability to incorporate cutting-edge materials.  Celebrities like Sean Penn and Ranbir Kapoor have been seen sporting TAG Heuer glasses, as well as sports celebrities Cristiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova and racing great Ayrton Senna.