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Born in Paris, France, in 1949, Philippe Starck has become one of the iconic designers of his time. Known for his architectural designs and industrially inspired designs, Starck actually began his career under the tutelage of French designer Pierre Cardin.

Having studied interior architecture, so far, Starck has designed a vast and eclectic range of things, from hotels, to toothbrushes, to bathroom fixtures, to chairs, to sunglasses. And he will probably continue to design a wide range of products going forward. Probably Starck’s most iconic design is the spider- or alien-like citrus squeezer, called the Juicy Salif, which he designed for Alessi, an Italian kitchen and houseware company, back in the 1990s. This citrus squeezer became a must have for many modern kitchens around the world. His designs seem to transcend gender, age and nationality, which is one of the aspects that makes Starck’s deigns so popular.

Starck continues to surprise us with his unique and sleek designs, under his motto “less is more”. His designs tend to be simple, yet functional, with a wide appeal.  Early on, he was probably influenced by his father, who was an aircraft designer, but also designed and invented many things. After graduating from college, Starck established his first company in 1968, making inflatable objects. He then moved on to designing interiors of several famous night clubs in Paris, before establishing Starck Product, an industrial design company.

Since then, he has gone on to design hotels, household goods, interior products and much more. He continues to be on the cutting-edge of design, saying that designs should be long-lasting, countering the current trend of throw-away consumer products. He has won numerous prizes for his cutting-edge designs, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and Five Star Diamond Award for World’s Best Designer.

His simple designs, with thought for functionality and use of new materials is translated into an amazing range of eyewear as well. Starck’s eyewear design is not a fad, because unbeknownst to many, he has been designing eyewear for almost 20 years! He likes to describe his eyewear as a combination of style and technology and his frames are just that.

Made from a super light polymer, Starck’s glasses are extremely flexible, making them break-resistant and very ergonomic. The eyewear comes in a range of colours and styles, with something for almost every face shape and style. Although Starck doesn’t like to be called a fashion designer, his eyewear is definitely stylish and has a timeless quality.

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