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Alain Mikli

Alain Mikli eyewear symbolizes two design standards: maximum comfort and an unceasing devotion to art and fashion.

Inspired by his Lebanese Armenian heritage, Alain Mikli's designs have been renowned for decades for their use of bold shapes and colours. Handmade, using only premium, exclusive materials for advanced fit and comfort, Alain Mikli frames are considered by many to be amongst the finest eyewear available.

In the late 70's Alain Mikli opened his design studio in Paris, and by the mid 80's his designs were already gaining significant celebrity status. His iconic asymmetrical frame was immortalized in a Vogue shoot in 1983 by the acclaimed photographer Helmut Newton.

More recent collaborations with fashion designers and artists have seen the Alain Mikli brand continue to push the boundaries of fashion and innovation still further.

Alain Mikli  - “Eyewear for seeing and being seen in”

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