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Miu Miu

About Miu Miu Glasses

With a flair for the avant-garde, Miu Miu glasses are sure to add a quirky edge to any outfit. Featuring striking designs like dramatic cat-eyes and retro hearts, Miu Miu glasses are true statement pieces, and come in bright colours and bold patterns. This eyewear collection is ideal for strong personalities and loud styles.

Shop our collection of official Miu Miu eyewear, in both sunglasses and optical glasses frames. Each pair sold is produced at the high quality you’d expect from the brand.

FAQs About Miu Miu Glasses

Where are Miu Miu sunglasses made? 

Miu Miu glasses are produced by the eyewear conglomerate Luxottica, which is based in Milan, Italy. The glasses are produced in Italy and Japan.

How much are Miu Miu glasses?

The price of a pair of Miu Miu glasses depends on the style you’re after, as well as whether you need add-ons like prescription lenses, or anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating.

How to tell if Miu Miu glasses are real

At Designer Glasses, we guarantee brand authenticity with every pair of Miu Miu glasses sold. Real Miu Miu glasses arrive in a pink hard case and box, along with a matching soft velvet case and a grey lens cloth. The hard case, box, and soft case all feature the Miu Miu branding. You will also get a certificate of authenticity with your purchase.