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This iconic brand was established in 1975 by Jim Jannard and today is one of the foremost sports performance brands in the world. Developed initially as a brand of sunglasses for professional athletes and then with a range of goggles for skiers, Oakley eyewear continues to advance sport technology, holding numerous patents, whilst remoulding the lifestyle market with its innovative high end performance glasses and sunglasses.

To provide wearers of Oakley eyewear products the ultimate in sharper vision with no distortion, Oakley has developed High Definition Optics (HDO), a lens technology which is comparable to no other brand and is designed according to the input and requirements of world class athletes. Utilising such materials as Plutonite and Iridium lens coatings, coupled with frames which incorporate a patented Three Point Fit technology for comfort and flexibility, Oakley eyewear provides the ultimate in visual performance.

Oakley is consistently developing and producing dynamic eyewear. Using the latest technologies together with a sharp vision for modern high performance design make Oakley sunglasses a must for both professional and amateur athletes across the board.

“Inventions wrapped in art. Oakley was founded upon that idea, and it still defines us today.” – Jim Jannard

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