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Tom Ford

Tom Ford made his name as creative director for Gucci where he successfully turned around their fortunes transforming the iconic brand before concentrating on his own label in 2004.

Launching to critical acclaim in 2006, Tom Ford is one of the most glamorous eyewear brand collections available today. Bold, yet elegant, with frames that exude sophistication and a sense of luxury accentuated by fine curves and delicate detailing. A stunning mix of vintage 'geek chic' fashion, practicality and contemporary flair, all Tom Ford eyewear is handcrafted in Italy.

With an effortless elegance and style which represents a timeless look, Tom Ford Glasses and Sunglasses  have become a must have item for many celebrities, including Brad Pitt and Kanye West, and are fast becoming one of the bestselling  and recognisable eyewear brand collections around the world.

“In eyewear, it is the small detailing that expresses the luxury. Custom crafted hinges, unusual colour mélanges, or simply the look of empty space around the lenses - these are what make accessories into precious objects.” - Tom Ford

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