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Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription Sunglasses

Get stylish protection from the sun with our fantastic range of prescription sunglasses. We stock sunglasses from a long list of popular designers such as Bvlgari, Oakley, Ray-Ban and many more. Just make your choice from the list on the left.

And as well as being tailored to your regular prescription, we also have many options regarding the lens type allowing you to personalise your prescription sunglasses according to your needs and preferences.

Once you have selected your sunglasses you can choose the type of tint you need. Depending on your frames and general colours that suit you, you can select either a grey or brown tint or a transitional tint.

Our range of tint options lets you customise your prescription sunglasses further; a light tint for a cosmetic use, standard tint for general sun protection, or an extra dark tint for very bright, sunny locations.

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