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Tom Ford Eyewear - Optical and Sunglasses

Tom Ford Eyewear - Optical and Sunglasses

If you are thinking of buying a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, look no further. Tom Ford’s stylish trendy designs will leave you with so many to choose from. Tom Fords eyewear sustains the luxury and quality of one of the most highly respected designers in the world along with others such as Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Chanel.

Who is the creator behind the luxury brand ‘Tom Ford’? 

Tom Ford founded his own luxury fashion brand ‘TOM FORD’ in 2005, when he launched his luxurious range of cosmetics followed by an eyewear collection. Before starting his worldwide high-quality franchise, he used to excel as the creative director for Gucci until he found love for his own concept. Now Tom Ford is renowned for classy menswear, top quality fragrances, elegant sunglasses, and glamourous watches. All of these products are very popular amongst the fashion lovers. 

Not only does the fashion designer produce eyewear, he also wrote and directed a screenplay called 'Nocturnal Animals' in 2016. Stars such as Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal starred in his film which went on to receive many nominations at the famous film festival 'The Golden Globe Awards' in 2016.

Many people get confused and believe that Tom Ford eyewear is manufactured by Luxottica. But from the beginning, Tom Ford actually went into partnership with a smaller company. Tom Ford’s eyewear is manufactured by the Marcolin Group, where they produce and distribute optical frames and sunglasses all around the world.

Trending frames this summer 

After the year we have all had, it is worth treating yourself to a fabulous fashionable pair of frames. And luckily enough Tom Ford glasses have kept up with the trends and have produced some spectacular frames.

Another popular look from Tom Ford is their rimless eyeglasses designs. In the most upcoming years, rimless frames have been more popular than ever. The rimless frames are very fashionable as you can wear them anywhere you like! They are not only just perfect for everyday wear, but also appropriate for any occasion. You will not need to worry about your frames clashing with any outfit.

Tom Ford eyewear provides a huge selection of glasses. From their vintage inspired collection which heavily reminds us of hip hop style 80’s chic, to eyewear featuring larger chunky frames, making a bold statement on every outfit.

The bold frame of FT5178 complimented by the bold designs and tones produce a pair of spectacles that are designed for the confident individual in mind. Their signature frames with thick arms have angular lines to finish off the modern look. All frames are handcrafted from the highest quality acetate, ensuring a comfortable, lightweight yet durable pair of spectacles. The classic 'T' logo on the side of each arm is the signature characteristic of the brand.

Tom Fords Styles

Do you want some staple sunglasses?

Just like James Bond did when he was wearing the Tom Ford Snowdon Sunglasses in Spectre on the scenes shot in Rome! He also wore the Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer pair in Morocco. Angelina Jolie also loves the brand as she was caught rocking a pair of Tom Ford Whitney this season. All of Tom Ford’s sunglasses offer standout quality and immaculate attention to detail.

Do they have UV protection?

Tom Ford lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVa and UVb rays. If you are spending a lot of time outside this summer, you will definitely benefit from these high-end products. They are also scratch-resistant and are coated with superhydrophobic and anti-reflective treatments which makes them perfect for those sandy beach days!

How to clean your Tom Ford glasses/sunglasses? 

Learn how to clean your eyewear before this summer!

Different things can mark your eyewear, like sun cream, dirty fingerprints, any dirt, and dust particles. Keeping your glasses clean ensures you can always see clearly and means your eyewear gets a longer life! When you see some dirt or dust on your eyewear, it’s easy to just grab the closest thing to you; whether it is a tissue, towel or even your t-shirt. Please try and refrain from cleaning your glasses in this way as it will only scratch the lenses.  

Instead, all Tom Ford eyewear arrives with a cleaning cloth inside the case. With a certified spectacle cleaner spray, pump one spray onto the cleaning cloth and clean both sides of the lenses gently. This is more than sufficient to remove smears and dust off the surface of the lenses.

What not to do:

  1. Too much pressure: Avoid using excessive pressure as it can cause the lenses to damage.
  2. Harsh chemicals: Any aggressive cleaning agents, like window/glass cleaner wll damage the glass coating of the lenses as well as the frame.
  3. Rough materials: Never use tissue to clean/wipe as this can cause micro-scratches on the lenses when the dirt particles move back and forward. Also avoid using clothing, hand towels as these can all cause damage.

We offer prescription lenses into most optical and sunglass frames so if you are interested, contact us. Please make sure you have an up-to-date eye test if you wish to add your prescription lenses to create your perfect pair of glasses. Alternatively, if you need any further help or advice, please feel free to get in touch with us on: 0800 731 8118 or email at [email protected]

Top Selling Tom Fords Styles

Our top selling Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses are shown below. Many are available for 24 Hour delivery and you can see how they look from the comfort of your own home using our industry leading Virtual Try-on technology.


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