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Alain Mikli Designer Glasses

Alain Mikli French Eyewear Royalty

In 1978, Alain Mikli opened his design studio in Paris to fulfil his vision for creating eyewear inspired by his Lebanese Armenian heritage, eyewear that would seamlessly blend maximum comfort and avant-garde design. In the decades that followed, the designs became globally renowned for their handmade quality using only the most premium materials and advanced design concepts. Alain Mikli designer glasses were not simply eyewear, they were pieces of art.

In 2013, the brand was acquired by the Luxottica group, a Milan-based eyewear conglomerate that owns a curated collection of the most prestigious luxury eyewear brands in the world. From humble beginnings in Paris to a modern global eyewear empire, Alain Mikli continues to manufacture innovative designer glasses that are considered by many to be the gold standard in luxury eyewear.

Browse our selection of Alain Mikli designer glasses and frames to indulge your desire for high-fashion designer eyewear frames. When you wear a pair of glasses from Alain Mikli, you’ll speak volumes without saying a word.

We Have the Best Selection of Alain Mikli Glasses at Affordable Prices

Alain Mikli has gathered quite a celebrity following over the years, and his signature asymmetrical frame was immortalized in the pages of Vogue in 1983, with images captured by acclaimed photographer Helmut Newton. Celebrities like Elton John and Kanye West, both known for their bold and unique fashion sense, are fans of Alain Mikli designer glasses, and have brought worldwide recognition to this visionary eyewear brand. In fact, Alain Mikli designed the revolutionary concept of “shutter shades” when specifically commissioned by Kanye West to develop a pair of glasses to be worn in his “Stronger” video.

With one look at our collection of Alain Mikli designer frames, it’s easy to see why they are a favourite of celebrities who thrive on trendy style statements. We offer Alain Mikli frames in flashy and funky chequered patterns, Alain Mikli oversized retro square frames that offer a geeky cool factor, and a variety of geometric shapes, oval frames, cat-eye shapes, and many other bold and inspired designs.

Eyewear trendsetters will love Alain Mikli two-toned frames that blend fiery reds with cool whites, or classic blacks with funky swirls and stripes. Women will love the precision and attention to detail, from the feminine colours to the intricate studded embellishments and fine handmade quality. With Alain Mikli, more is more, and his eyewear collections are classic, yet far from minimalist.

When you’re looking for fashion-forward prescription glasses and frames that are inspired by artistry and creativity, look no further than the collection of Alain Mikli eyewear designs at Designer Glasses. Let the dizzying whirlwind of colours inspire you to select your favourite pair of Alain Mikli designer glasses to push the boundaries of fashion.

Use Our Virtual Try-On Tool While You Shop Your Favourite Alain Mikli Frames

The team at Designer Glasses provides a seamless and enjoyable process for all of our customers, and that includes an innovative Virtual Try-On tool that uses the power of advanced augmented reality.

Whether you desire a look that is cool and confident, or fun and funky, you can virtually try on your favourite pairs of Alain Mikli designer glasses to make sure they give you the vibe you need. Try one, try them all! But be warned, there are so many stylish options in the Alain Mikli eyewear collection that you may have a hard time picking just one.

Order Your Alain Mikli Designer Glasses with Our Simple Online Process

At Designer Glasses, we strive to provide a shopping experience that is both memorable and convenient. After you’ve selected your favourite pair of Alain Mikli designer frames for men and women, you can begin the intuitive ordering process.

If you’re ordering your Alain Mikli glasses with prescription lenses, you’ll enter in your personal details, such as lens coating preferences and individual prescription strength. You can also choose to order the frames without prescription lenses to wear as a trendy accessory.

After you’ve made your final selections, you’ll be taken to the checkout screen, where you’ll enter in your payment details, and that’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation with anticipated delivery date, which will increase by up to 3 working days if you have added prescription glasses.

Shop Designer Glasses For 100% Authentic Alain Mikli Prescription Eyewear

Designer Glasses is proud to offer the best selection of authentic Alain Mikli designer glasses, at affordable prices that are up to 50% off traditional retail costs. With each purchase of Alain Mikli eyewear, you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity, a 12-month manufacturer warranty, and an exclusive brand case and soft cleaning cloth to protect your glasses from damage. Your new Alain Mikli glasses will feature the brand’s iconic fashion-forward design and advanced comfort fit, showcasing the inherent luxury contained in every handmade pair.

We Provide All Customers with The Best Service Possible

At Designer Glasses, customer service excellence is our top priority, with a seamless journey that extends well beyond your purchase. We are always happy to answer your questions at any time, whether you have questions about the ordering process, care of your new Alain Mikli glasses, or anything in between. With every order over £200, our valued customers also enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the world. Contact us at +44 (0)800 731 8118 or email [email protected], and one of our dedicated eyewear specialists will respond to your query promptly.

Alain Mikli Designer Glasses

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