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Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

About Oakley

Established in 1975, Oakley is one of the most iconic sports performance brands in the world. Initially developing sunglasses for professional athletes, Oakley turned their hand to creating a range of goggles for skiers. Now, the brand continues to advance sport technology with over 600 patents, including High Definition Optics (HDO), a unique lens technology designed with input from world-class athletes to meet their specific requirements. Shop our range of authentic Oakley sunglasses with Designer Glasses. Each pair is produced to the high standard and quality you’d expect from the brand.

FAQs About Oakley Glasses

Where are Oakley sunglasses made?

All Oakley sunglasses are designed, engineered, and manufactured in California. However, some eyewear components and finished products are manufactured by Oakley’s parent company, Luxottica Group, or by three select supply partners from around the world.

How to tell if Oakley sunglasses are real

Any markings on real Oakley lenses will be etched in, as opposed to printed. If your glasses come with a sticker on the lens, like the recent polarized lenses, it should be stuck with static cling, making them easy to pull off without damaging the lens. Any stickers that leave a residue on the lens will be an indication that the glasses are fake.

How do I clean Oakley sunglasses?

Oakley sunglasses have a registered iridium coating on the lenses which reduces glare from the sun, and sharpens contrast between colours. When it comes to cleaning your lenses, always wet them first to avoid scratching this delicate coating and use the Micro Bag to wipe them clean and for storage. If you want to give your glasses a deeper clean, you can purchase the Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit. It’s important to note that any third party cleaning kits or chemicals can damage the delicate lenses. If you need to replace your lenses, you can purchase replacement lenses for your glasses directly from Oakley, which will maintain the optic technology in your sunglasses.

Oakley Eyewear

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