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About Maui Jim Sunglasses

A leader in polarised sunglasses, Maui Jim provides sunglasses in classic styles with bright hues, creating shades that are inspired by the Hawaiian island where it was founded. The high performances lenses feature three rare earth elements to create patented lens technology that kills 99% of intense glare and harmful UV rays, while keeping contrast sharp and showing the true colours around you. Shop our range of stylish and sporty sunglasses, perfect for active wearers who need durable frames that effectively protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. Each pair of sunglasses is manufactured to the high quality and standard that’s become synonymous with Maui Jim sunglasses.

FAQs about Maui Jim Sunglasses

Where are Maui Jim sunglasses made?

The Maui Jim company was founded in Lahaina Hawaii, in 1980, and is now headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. The glasses themselves are manufactured in either Italy or Japan.

Are Maui Jim sunglasses the best?

This depends on what you consider to be the “best”. For example, the frames designed and developed by Maui Jim may not be to your taste. However, the patented lens technology—which was developed specifically to be used at the beach—means that the glasses offer unparalleled vision as far as shades go.

How can you tell if Maui Jim sunglasses are real?

The outer box for your Maui Jim sunglasses should be bright, colourful, and vibrant, in keeping with their branding. The Maui Jim bird logo should be printed on the side, along with stickers showing the product codes. Each pair of sunglasses will also be delivered with a gold Maui Jim hard case, which features a soft, tan lining, printed with the logo in gold. Inside the hard case will be a rolled up soft case in a brightly coloured print with a brown flat paper rope to tie it together. Real Maui Jim sunglasses also have the name etched in silver on the top right lens. They will also have the bird logo set in the metal under the soft nose rest. They will also feature Phillips-head screws that lie flat against the metal, which won’t snag or catch.

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