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Everyone knows that a pair of glasses that suits one person may not suit another. This is because of the difference in face shape. Knowing what type of glasses suit your particular face shape will help you find the frames that best suit you and flatter your features.

Face shapes are generally divided into four categories: heart, oval, round and square. The following categories give a rough guideline on what shape of glasses will best suit your face.

·         Heart face shape – the heart face shape generally means that you have a narrow chin. Frames that are thick or are accentuated on the bottom flatter this face shape, as well as light-coloured frames. Designer recommendations include Bvlgari and Emporio Armani.

·         Oval face shape – the oval face shape is the easiest shape to choose glasses for. Almost any shape will fit your face shape. Rectangular-shaped glasses or upswept shaped glasses are good for an oval face. However, those with oval-shaped faces should beware of choosing frames that are too big or too small – these will seem very unbalanced when worn. Designer recommendations include Icy and Police.

·         Round face shape – usually in a round face, facial features are equidistant from each other and it is good to choose frames that will make the face look longer or slimmer. Try frames that are geometric or angular in shape, such as a rectangle, or frames that are wider, with an upsweep. Wayfarers are a popular choice for those with round faces. Designer recommendations include Ted Baker and Ray-Ban.

·         Square face shape – generally curvy frames are recommended to off-set the bold features of a square shape. Try oval, round or thin-rimmed glasses. Designer recommendations include Vogue and Jai Kudo.

Although recommendations are given for each of the face shapes, designers now carry a wide range of frames in various shapes and styles. This means that of course it makes sense to check out various designers and see what they have on offer for your face shape.