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Festival Fashion

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Summer is of course the best time to show off your sunglasses! There's nothing like getting into the fray with a new pair of sunglasses. There are lots of fun, funky, fashionable and flash frames to be seen in this year. Some designers have come up with new colours and bold shapes, while others have upgraded classic styles. August is a great time to update your look with a new pair of sunglasses. Here are some of the hottest styles available:


Prada PR27NS

Prada PR27NS


Prada have upgraded their looks with these baroque-style statement sunglasses. With a variety of colours to choose from, there is a pair to fit your style. These unusual sunglasses will definitely get you plenty of compliments. Popular among celebrities, these Prada Minimal Baroque glasses have been worn by Eva Mendes, Rhianna and Lady Gaga. 


Rayban RB2132

Rayban RB2132


You can’t go wrong with a pair of timeless Rayban Wayfarers. Rayban have upgraded their classic Wayfarer look with a range of new colours and a softer shape. So, if you never liked the stark black Wayfarers, now is the time to buy a pair! The new Wayfarers have a slightly smaller frame than the original classics and are slightly less square in shape. This makes the new Wayfarers suitable for a much wider range of face shapes. 


Rayban RB3025

Rayban RB3025


Everyone should have a pair of classic Rayban Aviator sunglasses in their repertoire. Originally designed for US aviators in the 1930s, this classic style never goes out of style. There are now a range of lens and frame colours to choose from, as well as frame sizes. Add one of these new Rayban Aviators to your sunglasses collection this summer.


Rayban RB4246

Rayban RB4246


The newest addition to the Rayban line-up are the Clubround sunglasses. Inspired by the bohemian look, these sunglasses are not for the conservative. The bold upper rims exude an intellectual look and come in a range of colours, with the tortoise design a popular choice. 


Rayban RB3447


Rayban RB3447


For those wanting a retro-look you should take a look at the Rayban Round sunglasses. It’s the look inspired by music legends in the 1960s. The large of range of lens colours and lightweight design make these a popular choice for both women and men. The round shape of the lenses also fit almost any face shape as well. Celebrities, such as Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Nicolas Cage are seen wearing these uber cool frames.


Rayban RB4165

Rayban RB4165


Based on the classic Rayban Wayfarer style, these Rayban Justin Classics add a sleeker look, with larger lenses. The frame has a rubberised finish, which adds functionality to the sunglasses making them suitable for outdoor sports as well. The Rayban Justin Classics come in the traditional black and brown frame colours, but Rayban has added more modern lens colours such as blue mirror and red mirror, as well as gradient shades. 


Tom Ford FT0335


Tom Ford FT0335


Inspired by the classic aviator style, American designer, Tom Ford has designed the Elliot Square sunglasses line. The half frame design makes these sunglasses a bold choice. With various lens and frame colour choices, you can make these sunglasses dressy or casual. The inserted details on the temple and bridge add another level of sophistication to these frames.


Versace VE 2177 VE2177 Sunglasses


Leave it to Versace to design yet another pair of bold and distinctive sunglasses. The unusual and innovative single lens design makes these sunglasses a major fashion statement. Not for the shy, sport these frames to create a bold and confident look.  The rhinestones on the front also makes these very elegant – a pair of sunglasses that can be to be worn easily from morning to evening. 

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