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About Starck

Phillipe Starck is a legend of modern design known equally for his interior and architectural design as well as his stunning product creations.

As one of the world’s best known contemporary designers, his reworking of everyday objects has been applied with imaginative creativity to his eyewear collection, Starck Eyes, which was formed in 1996 in collaboration with his friend, the talented designer Alain Mikli.

The combination of these talented individuals has given rise to the idea of biovision. "Eyeglasses inspired by the human being".  An application of that vision is the innovative Starck Eyes frames' hinge, the successor to the conventional screw. It shares the same multi-directional freedom of movement as the clavicle in the human shoulder and using a tendon made of a braided composite fibre, can withstand tensile loadings of over 50kg.

Phillipe Starck’s long standing passion for ecology and sustainability in the development of his fashion designs has also seen the use of organic acetate in all Starck glasses. Developed from processed wood pulp, it is an ideal material for eyewear production providing a natural feel with a high gloss finish and exceptional strength.

Starck Eyes, the collection for the eyewear connoisseur.

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