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Ted Baker

About Ted Baker Glasses

Despite only branching into eyewear in the early 2000s, Ted Baker glasses are widely seen as the height of classic British style. As with their trademark shirts, the designer brand’s range of mens and womens glasses—from reading glasses to aviator shades—are available in classic and quirky styles, which are sure to appeal to anyone. Find your next pair of quality specs in our collection of official Ted Baker glasses.

FAQs About Ted Baker Glasses

Who is Ted Baker?

Fun fact: there is no Ted Baker. The company was founded in Glasgow in 1988 by Ray Kelvin, but his brand’s name was invented, apparently decided upon after Kelvin heard someone discussing a man named Ted Baker during a conversation. Kelvin stepped down as the company’s CEO in 2019, but during his tenure, he kept a low profile, letting people think that the fictional Mr Baker ran the show.

How much are Ted Baker sunglasses?

How much your choice of mens or womens Ted Baker glasses will cost depends on the style of the glasses themselves. The cost also depends on whether you opt for additional costs, such as prescription lenses and protective lens coating.

How to adjust Ted Baker glasses?

At Designer Glasses, we offer a range of Ted Baker glasses which are designed to fit any eye or bridge size. You can find a handy sliding scale on our website to help you find your ideal pair, down to the millimetre. However, if you do need to adjust your glasses, contact your optician.

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