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Designer sunglasses are nowadays an almost must have fashion accessory coupling the need to protect your eyes from the sun with the desirability to look effortlessly cool in designer eyewear.

Testament to how global a fashion as well as marketing phenomenon designer sunglasses have become, is the plethora of iconic styles that have emerged and been made famous in movies and when worn by celebrities. Whether it be aviators, wayfarers or oversized sunnies, you can be sure that a new trend or revival will be started because they are being sported by somebody famous.

At, we keep up to date with the latest brand names such as Bvlgari, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Oakley and Ray Ban. Our intuitive website can help with all aspects of customizing your sunglasses including choosing prescription lenses, lens coating and tint. If you need any further help call our experienced staff on + 44 (0)800 731 8118 or email:

With new styles constantly emerging as well as subtle twists on the classics, if you are going to do chic right, designer sunglasses are mandatory. With savings of more than 50% on high street prices, create your own fabulous look with a fantastic pair of sunglasses at

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