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September is a big fashion month, with the so-called ‘Big Four’ fashion events taking place. The fall fashion season is kicked off with the New York Fashion Week (8-15 September), followed by the London Fashion Week (16-20 September), the Milan Fashion Week (21-27 September) and then the Paris Fashion Week (27 September – 5 October).

It’s a time to see what will be hot and fashionable in the upcoming season. Of course, clothes are the main feature, but accessories, such as sunglasses, jewellery, bags, belts and shoes are becoming just as important to the fashion conscious.

Fashionistas and designers first headed to the New York Fashion Week. A wide range of sunglasses were worn by models on the runway. The colourful theme continued this season, with a wide range of coloured frames and coloured lenses being featured. Large or over-sized sunglasses were still the norm and worn off and on the runway. For example, American designer, DKNY featured light-browned coloured, thick-framed sunglasses with dark tinted lenses. The Hood By Air label launched a range of futuristic sunglasses at New York Fashion Week. Over-sized, street-to-mainstream look, sunglasses were the theme for this upcoming brand, which is owned by young American designer Shayne Oliver.

London Fashion Week, understandably featured many European designers, both established and upcoming. Swedish eyewear brand Monokel Eyewear showcased a range of sunglasses that can be categorised as simple and functional. Using its Nordic design concept, Monokel Eyewear featured thick-rimmed white sunglasses with very dark lenses.

Established brand Christian Dior featured primarily mirrored sunglasses, a more retro-look compared to other designers. Sunglass brand Ray Ban also showcased more of a retro-look with a 70s hippy feel, sunglasses with small round lenses, reminiscent of John Lennon (model: RB3447). Versace on the other-hand featured a pair of stunning cat-eye style sunglasses (model: VE4269)

with elegant gold embellishments along the top of the frame. A versatile design that can be worn during the day or at night.

September came to a close with the Milan Fashion Week. Designers featured a range of sunglasses in Milan, but there seemed to be trend focused on black and white, rather than the colours that were featured in New York. Dolce & Gabbana featured black and white polka dot pattern sunglasses, as well as sculpted black frame sunglasses (model: DG3236) and black sunglasses embellished with red flowers (model: DG4252).

Prada also featured primarily black rimmed sunglasses, with thick frames (model: PR14SS).More classical lines seemed to be the trend in Milan, with Versace also showcasing thin framed black and black and white sunglasses (model: VE4281).


Although not all sunglass styles and models will be available from retailers yet, keep an eye out for new and exciting models to arrive over the fall/winter season.